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Test systems which provide clarification

In Nymand & Vogelius we work with different tests, all used as part of personal development, management and leadership development, career development and teambuilding. The tests give the individuals, a personal insight into his / her interaction and relationship with others, highlights individual preferences, strengths / weaknesses, potentials, behavior and role models, etc..

MBTI ® - Myers Briggs Type Indicator - Step I + Step II

MBTI is one of the world's most widely used development tools and a methodology to integrate with many different developmental processes. MBTI matters not the abilities or skills, but the preferences and the differences that different preferences may give rise to. When we talk about MBTI as a tool in development, so it may be personal benefits, for example, focus on: Self-Understanding, Awareness of diversity, understanding and tolerance, behavior modification and personal development.

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We are also licensed in JTI - Jungian Type Index.

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16PF ®
16PF ® is a comprehensive personality test, and it is one of the most valid indicators of human behavior, based on more than 50 years of research and testing.

16PF questionnaire was originally developed by Raymond Cattell in 1949 and is available in many languages. The questionnaire evaluates an individual's personality against 16 personality factors and provides a reliable and accurate indication of future behavior.

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CPI ® - California Psychological Inventory
Used when, you want to get close to that person and have a thorough knowledge of personality and behavior pattern. It gives a very accurate and complex picture of the individual's personal and professional style, and how the person perceived by others. CPI can be used for recruitment, leadership development and career guidance.

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Interaction Analysis
A key aspect of working groups - dynamic interactions between group members. Analysis provides valuable insight into the challenges, which have been in their collaborative processes and provide a good starting point to boost or alter ongoing awareness and / or unconscious processes in the team.

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PPA - DISC-model, Thomas-analysis
PPA - DISC model is the world's most widely used personality assessment used in a wide range of disciplines within management and HR. PPA - DISC model is an effective tool to measure human behavior in the job.

PPA - DISC-model provides a quick and accurate insight into human behavior in the work environment and identifies knowledge, for instance: behavioral strengths and limitations. The insight you get through PPA - DISC-model will lead to a broader and deeper understanding of human behavioral style and knowledge of the work environments and job types that will enhance the motivation of the individual.

Thomas system approved by the Danish Psychologist Association and is effective governance include used to:

·         Increase safety for matching between the employee's resources and job

·         Identify relevant themes to deepen during the recruitment interview

·         Minimize risks of errors recruitment and related costs

·         Increase motivation for each employee

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