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Optimization of human and business processes

Optimering af menneskelige og forretningsmæssige processer
Nymand & Vogelius is a consultancy that focuses on optimizing human and business processes.

In the services we provide, we draw on our professional background as cand.merc and engineer with many years of experience from recognized production and service and consultancy business.

We as consultants do not have a "religion" which we believe is the right thing to do. We are very pragmatic and focus on what our many years of experience and professionalism are telling us works in the development of new and efficient processes with and between people.

We inspire people and influence organizations to discover new perspectives, by providing opportunities for experiences of the world from many different angles. That is why we are even open to many different approaches, so we can continuously optimize our efforts to develop people, teams and organizations.

We often use the kind of understanding from MBTI Step I + II and JTI in our development processes.

The goal is to help people to achieve greater opportunity for expression of their thoughts and actions for the greater good for themselves, their colleagues and organization.

ICF - International Coach FederationWe are both certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach and Associate Certified Coach.

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