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Inspiration Lectures

Inspiration lectures and “walking home meetings” often give new energy to the employees. In Nymand & Vogelius we offer a wide range of lectures and introductory courses in 3 to 4 hours which may be the start of those individuals beginning of making a difference - for himself, his family and his job. We want to involve the participants, thus ensuring that they get something in return!

Know your type - and use the best!
Get an overview of where you have your absolute strengths. This lecture is an inspiring journey into the typology universe that will give you an understanding of the different personality types and what this means for you in everyday life. Type Comprehension is a tool for understanding and self-insight into their own and others' resources, similarities and differences. It is about how human diversity is seen as a resource and to promote greater respect for and understanding of these differences - and how these differences can be used constructively by both the individual person and the groups the person belongs in everyday life. You want a fun and learning experience shape how you can use the typology to understand yourself, your colleagues and friends and will have an experience of the four dimensions in the typology, and what preferences mean for your behavior in everyday life. You get an understanding of why you may have difficulty in certain types of tasks. We do activities that are specifically designed to highlight differences in typology, so you get something with the home you can use every day to understand:

- How different personality types prefer to communicate.

 - How we can have a clear and constructive communication, with each personality type.

 - What are ways we can differentiate our communication and dissemination of each personality type.

 - How we respond to the different personality types in our communication and dissemination.

 - What feedback techniques, each type of personal preference.

This is how we work with our own communication style and personal resources, as the foundation of a personal style

Eliminate your stress
In this course you will learn some new effective methods you can use to remove the discomfort that stress may have caused you. When unease is gone, you will be better able to decide what to change in your life so you can create the life you want. The methods you learn in this course builds on the latest research on kvantefysikken and in the light of these discoveries, in 2007 developed a method called Human Software Engineering. The method that you learn in this course is simple and straightforward and differs from the traditional stress coaching know that we work directly with the kvantefysiske energy structure which creates the problem. Then we look at how to create a solution so that stress is not restored. You will work with the following topics:

- To eliminate your bad habits and limiting thought patterns and

- How to prioritize the important from the ephemeral

- How to get the stress in your body

- The art to act on what we can influence - and focus on what is important

- Focus on your vision and direction in your life

- To create and maintain your contact with your best version of yourself

Personal leadership - the art of keeping the focus!

Come and be inspired to be the leader in your own life!

Based on the recent focus on personal leadership, we will of course introduce a new approach to yourself, your life and your relationships at work. You can obtain a new perspective on your future and inspiration to tackle your challenges in everyday life. This starts you better themselves to take primary responsibility for your own life and even their ideas, which you dare to take the decisions that lead you forward - so the talks and the time could be spent on the fun, forward-looking and evolving.
You will gain insight into how to:

- Take responsibility and initiative in your life

- Breaking with poor and limiting habits and thought patterns

- Prioritize the important from the ephemeral

- Sets personal goals and when those

- Practice continuous personal development

- Creates a direction in your life

And much much more .....

Coaching - which creates a focus on the essence!

Coaching is more than us. In television, in bookstores and in industry. From programs where coaches parents to address their teenage children to the best of BS Christiansen and directors, where the coaching mantra reverberate as tomorrow. Executive coaching, life coaching, fittnesscoach, smoking cessation coach, sexcoach - only the imagination sets the limit on how to market themselves as a coach. All that talking with people
call now for coaches - and abuses of the concept lurking just around the corner ....

In this inspiring lecture, you get insight into what coaching really is and when it makes sense to use this very powerful dialogue technique. You are presented with different definitions and approaches to coaching that comes from sports, psychology and philosophy the world. We are talking about assumptions and ethics related to coaching and how you can use it, for example. compared to your colleagues at work. Finally, we focus on asking the technique that you get to work with in the form of small exercises, so it is very important that you bring challenges, problems, dilemmas - ie. situations from your - - own (working) life.

- Take responsibility and initiative in your life

- The fundamental principles of coaching

- The differences between the coach, Spar, advising and instructing

- How to ask questions which gives food for thought

- Knowledge and tools to conduct coaching conversations

- Why listening is more important than talking

Essential communication skills

Stress management - to say yes to the right!

Stress is a biological aspect. We can suddenly make considerably more if we have a bear on the heels. Our body produces a certain amount of adrenaline, which brings us saved out of a threatening situation. The same adrenaline triggered if we in the social or professional contexts feel threatened or pushed - but adrenaline balances on your health. We must therefore learn to manage and prevent the adrenaline is not triggered too often. One of management tools is to be sharper on your main priorities and values so you can say "yes" and "no" at the right times. We will look at:

- What is stress

- What makes us stressful

- What prevented stress

- How to get the stress in your body

The art to act on what we can influence - and focus on what is important

Project Management - to create results!

Here is a basic introduction to Project Management. It is you who are new or upcoming project and will have insight into the most common design tools and methods. Daily life easier and more efficient if you as a project leader / participant knows the most common design tools and methods. It gives you a greater understanding of the work task and greater opportunities to influence the project. Project methodology also guarantees - when used appropriately, there is a focus on performance creation, which is a less turbulent day, and there is greater job satisfaction for the individual.

- Inspiration lecture focuses on the following topics:

- What characterizes the project work form?

- How planned project?

- What divided the project into phases and priorities - and how they planned?

- Project Group interaction

- In the role you are included in group cooperation and how you affect the project?

- Dilemmas in the role of project manager - and how to handle them

- What characterizes a good project manager?

The importance of communication and cooperation

NLP - if you want to influence others!

Get an understanding of the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and communication. This is for you who will have insights and tools to shape your own development and who wish to use your full potential. Whatever you think you are, you're much more than that. It is only yourself that can find out what potential you have, how you can achieve them - and create your own success! NLP is based on the study of how people who achieve excellent results, so they do. Through the new insights you will have access to previously untapped resources. Resources to expand the number of opportunities and increase profits in your everyday life. You learn to work with your motivation and your goals in a manner which ensures that you reach the goals in your life. Moreover, you learn - in all senses focused and determined - to communicate your message. You will become familiar with techniques that enable you to focus all your resources on a particular case when you need it. You will also get to work with tools to combat stress. The synergy of all this will be increased self-esteem and more energy in daily life.

- You can look forward to including to get through the following areas:

- Sheep consciously influence your thoughts

- Increase your sensory acuity  

- Optimizes your motivation patterns

- Working with conflict resolution and personal development

- Understand others' differences

- Break unproductive habits

- Defines viable targets for yourself and others

- Provides good feedback